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Corporate Learning Interventions – Game Shows

The Corporate Learning Interventions, referred to as Game Shows, are an effective learning intervention or training mechanism. These interventions have specific objectives which are to be aligned to the strategic goals of the company, aimed at a specific target market, over a specified timeframe and have stringent measures in place to ensure the ability to measure effectiveness.

The Game Shows also facilitates benefits which are less tangible yet equally important such as stimulating interest and excitement in the regions and amongst the participants, bringing participants together, building team spirit and providing visible reward and recognition to top individuals and teams.

The mechanics of each Game Show are unique to each client. Each Game Show is tailor-made and designed to suit the meet the goals and objectives of each client in a fun, dynamic and interactive way.

Participation, Reward and Recognition play a significant role in the process and the final prizes or rewards could include Learning and Development Trips to places of interest related to the Business from which the Individuals can benefit.

Measurement Criteria design; development, implementation and reporting are a crucial element which then becomes the cornerstone of the Game Show process and design.